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Welcome to illumini

April 20, 2020
i l l u m i n i
with eyes wide open
brightened with insight
to respect, accept, honor or embrace
. . . resist fight, fright, flight
to shed and reflect
to gaze with amaze
clarity comes from curiosity
. . . truth battles v. haze
to illuminate
decorate with why
forms, feelings, beliefs, impressions abound
. . . to illumini


Let’s peel back the layers. Sure a picture is worth many words. But sometimes words, real words, words from the mouths of those in the photos do more to tell the story.

Illumini Podcasts is a series of conversations. They are conversations with difference makers, big and small. And they are conversations that go beyond the surface.

So we invite you to to join us to explore, listen, imagine, and enlighten.


And perhaps, if you are so inclined, join the conversation our social media sites. 

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