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Episode 18 - Kelvin Thuku at NRCF Covid-19 Update

June 18, 2021

Covid-19 has rolled across the globe. The ongoing impacts and need to adjust to the pandemic differ so differently in so many places. This conversation is with the Progamme Manager at Nairobi, Kenya-based Ngong Road Children's Foundation. This organization supports students who live in the slums and come from home afflicted by HIV/AIDS to transform their lives through education, thanks to sponsorship and support by U.S.-based Friends of Ngong Road.

Students restarted school on May 1st after being locked down for the past year. With a barely negligible (under 5%) share of the population getting the vaccine, the school experience is very different and educational challenges persist. Moreover, the Kenyan economy continues to struggle. Graduates and alumni are facing challenges as the pandemic struck the economy hard.

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